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 October 23rd

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Sunday, October 23 Grid,(Jesus) decided that he would finally take use of his test server. He completely broke all of my permissions and I had to start all over. Since I could pretty much remember what I had to do I easily remade them after about an hour or so, but there are many ever so slight changes.
To become more accustom to Craftbukkit I have started using my own local host that way I will get no interference, but I sense the need that I will have to speed up my work even more. Ive gotten all admin commands up and running with worldedit/worldgaurd/Essentials I will now start the interface of Citizens (which should be easy with Craftbukkit) and then move on to Heroes/Factions. Hawkeye seems more tricky then previously thought.

Imbetween this time I also remade all of the buttons on this forum, as the Current buttons had errors and where overall just pissing me off each time I looked at them, tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading,
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Re: October 23rd
Post on Sun Oct 23, 2011 3:17 am  Koala
Tested Citizens and it works beautifully, still have yet to go for the full specs~ but for an initial test it is just a beautiful system. I've also begun to add full user guides for the admins/mods For the plugins.

Now on to Hawkeye x.x

October 23rd

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