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 October 24th Night of Wonders

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October 24th Night of Wonders Empty
PostOctober 24th Night of Wonders


It's been a VERY long night for me, I can't even explain how much of a tedious effort it was to find the following plugins to support my frivolous attempts at creating and stabilizing a server (perhaps frivolous but definitely worth it!).

What I have done:

I've gotten and configured an area revert so that quests will now automatically tick and restore constantly.
(What does this mean?) Now a admin won't need to Come to each quest and reset them, and the quest can be as intricate and as demanding as we choose to make them. This means explosions are now a possibility, Allowing maps to call for changes in order to progress, Taking the whole experience known in Minecraft to a whole different level.

I've also gotten a basic Iconomy guide down on paper. The money flows naturally and based off of pure calculation not "I feel it should be this much"

(x+y+[z])/.2=$ or [(X+{amount})+(y+{amount})]+([(X+{amount})+(y+{amount})].2) = $Amount (All variables included are added up, then multiplied by a 2% tax) This is simply the basic calculation I have decided to use in order to understand value. This by no means will directly control the In-Game shops. Players will still have to hunt for the best prices via Npc or PlayerControlledShop.

I have meet answers to most all of the demainding questions. The only necessary step now for all or any in-game function is to test test test! Naturally I still need to write out the permissions for the...27 plugins so far but most of the permissions are simplistic and do not call for much needed attention as of yet.

I also have decided to add a nifty plugin called "Runes". This aspect will greatly add to the "Magic" feel in McLegends, all players will be able to use them but I will write the id's necessary myself and then scatter the books for each rune across the world of Mclegends which will add a nice hunt and personal gain for using them. (Some will be necessary for select quests, I'm antisipating notch's 1.9 release for more items but in the meantime I will be on the lookout for any possible enchanting or item addition. I really want to make the people that try really hard to become strong, actually be able to feel the result!) You can expect runes that create instant tunnels, secret doors, working elevators, and many many more!

On my list of ToDo's:

I still need to limit Runes that may cause unfair advantages (They do excist)

Pruning of the Extensive Hero file I will be working on later today

The creation, implemention of MySQL and with that ~ Statistics/Achievements(Combat995r), and HawkEye (A MUCH needed grief defense, mod capture and overall help)

The Revamp of the mainwebsite (Cmon with so many changes and so much added I might be looking at a whole new main website x.x)
- The Implementation of Donation to points. I always disliked the idea of a donation feeling like a payment. I have began Contructing the design of a point system that works off of LC(LegendaryCoins) For every 1$ you will recieve 1000 LC to use for whatever you like. However This is very very tricky business, and needs to be thought out very carefully. All Donation material is definitely a priority for a donation is what can allow us as a Community to grow and only get better.

I need researchers to go and start creating text files for me so that we can have backup information on all of our plugins. I will create a template but as you see my plate is very much full and this tedious process would definitely call for a lot of my time, if anyone is interested please do not hesitate to send me a pm!

Well that should pretty much wrap it up for today's update. If anyone does actually read these things...the heck is wrong with you??? hehe lol!


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October 24th Night of Wonders

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