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 October 25th Can Lightning Strike twice?

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October 25th Can Lightning Strike twice? Empty
PostOctober 25th Can Lightning Strike twice?

Honestly I didn't believe I could do it but again I doubled up on the work and finished most of it. Today we successfully installed Iconomy and towny. Then I successfully installed factions and confirmed that the two plugins can co-exist and work beautifully.

New Installations:

Attention = config changes Tweak = setting changes Permissions = selective groups

Working (Needs some attention)

Working (Needs attention)

Working Final version


Working (Needs some tweaks)

Explosion Revert:
Working (Time needs to be reduced)

Needs testing

Working (Needs tweaking/attention)

Working (Needs permissions)

And on top of all of this I have Created the Database for the server! This means.....!!! Yes Brandon, HAWKEYE! Able to track griefers down and rollback area's with a few simple commands. I still need to install it but it is not a difficult task.

ToDo List:

I still must
Set the permissions for Virtual chest

Set permissions for towny

Create the whole donation system

Create the tips

link the votifier to minestatus

create autocraft ships and set the permissions/settings

generate the Achievements/statistics (Yes they are comming combat)

Install stargate,Lwc,falsebook,bookworm,mcmmo,Itemscanner,(Possibly commandsign),HEROES,HeroBounty,Iauction,Mobdisguise

And thats it! With all of the basic mechanics now done I went ahead and bought a......200 slot server *GASP*.... I know I know.."But Koala, you don't even know if you'll need that many slots". Your right jonny~ I probably wont need that many at initial start up. But I'm not in the mood to process the idea of switching you know how long it would take to copy the files over?! Jesus you've got to be insane! INSANE I TELL YOU! But yes, say la vi. Hopefully this will bump up the schedule just a bit so that we can really get started on building the areas! Oh boy that'll be fun x.x

Thanks for reading,

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October 25th Can Lightning Strike twice?

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