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PostSubject: :MOD FORMAT/RULES:   :MOD FORMAT/RULES: EmptySat Oct 22, 2011 12:47 am

How to Become a Moderator:

Simply Fill out the Form below, we will then add a poll to the forum topic. When mods are necessary we will then refer to the most well written/well polled app's. From there we will Send both an email and a personal message within the forum. You will have 7 days to reply before we move on to the next candidate.

If you wish to apply for Moderator
you must follow the FORMAT below.

Your In-game name:
Experience as Mod on other servers:

How long have you played McLegends:

How many servers do you play regularly:

Why you think you'd suit the moderator position:

Any Other Information:

Did you read Mod rules?



The Role of a Moderator on McLegends:

The position moderator should be exactly as it seems.

1 - You Moderate the Community

2 - Watch for Obscene language

3 - Notify the in-game players of updates or possible changes when these changes take place

4 - Connect the Admin/Owners to the Community (It is YOUR job to tell the players what the admins/Owners tell you. End of story, it is not a Admins job to tell you what to do~ READ HERE. If you are incapable of doing this simple task your rights as moderator will be Revoked )

5 - You are given the commands jail,mute,kick and that is all! (Do not ask an Admin/Owner if you can get a special permission, you will automatically lose your position as moderator)

6 - If any evidence is found of a moderator abusing any in-game function in anyway(muting players they shouldn't mute, kicking,Using prohibited mods) This moderator will lose his/her status immediately and await the possibility of a PermanentBan

7 - Remember just because you are accepted as a moderator, does not mean this position is a permanent one. It is all based off of
how much you contribute and how well you interact with the players. Any Moderator position may be taken at anytime. Treat this experience as a job, there are still perks ^^

Moderators are the relief to the Community, thus they should be liked by the community. However this does not mean that simply because they are liked by the community they will automatically gain the position. The intention should be toward the good of the server, if this intention is true then we will most surely enjoy each other as we work to build a server of legend!

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