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 Headache,nausea,irratation to bright lights....Mustve had a good time :)

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Headache,nausea,irratation to bright lights....Mustve had a good time :)  Empty
PostHeadache,nausea,irratation to bright lights....Mustve had a good time :)

I'm Back! Took a weekend off, (apologies it was Halloween weekend! ^^)

Now on to the Updates! :

Firstly, I've taken a look at how I can go about group and class management and developed an adaption to my system that should make it tons more easily to process it into code. This I will probably be working on tonight~

Which brings me to finally what I will have staff do. I figured since I obviously can't do this all by myself, I will split the work with my staff and allow each person *guided* unique creativity over what it is I will have them do.

The list will very from these topics:

Quest Creation:
You must create a quest; the back story of the quest MUST tie in somehow to the world OR the underlying main quest. Design where you will have mobs spawn, what the character needs to accomplish, what will the player attain as the reward. The more time you actually put into writing the quest story, the better the adaption will be toward the server.

Territory Control: Your job is to make sure all landmarks that are to be "landmarks" are Safezoned, and the areas we do not want griefed but will however still allow combat of any sort, will be Warzoned. If you have a complicated structure to which there are levels we can still have 1 floor safe and the war but you will need to contact me so I can do it for you.

Material Support: When assigned this you will go online and get all the information of a topic or plugin. Now I understand this is boring but it, and I cannot stress enough, NEEDS to be done. Say we get new staff members, from this information I can manipulate a full command manual for both mod and admin so that you are completely aware of ALL that you can do.
Materials include:
  • Introduction to the plugin(if found)
    All of the Commands
    All of the Permission Nodes (these should be labeled, if they are not they are probably with the commands.Ex: bookworm.write)
    Any supporting details you can find

And thats it! That is all I need in a .txt document. (Learn a little about coding permissions Here)

Builder: The title is simply that, the builder will be building. However If the area is made with a specific style in mind, that is the style you must stick to. If you are not a "Good builder" please note this, it would be better to allow those that particularly succeed in this field to do what they do and let them. If you dont know how to program you dont program, you hire a programmer ^^.

ForumManagement: You do not need to be a forum mod in order to manage the forums, you will simply greet those that are new. Warn the people that step out of line, and be that supportive aid OUTSIDE of the game. Some people can't log in and MUST resort to the forums. If you cannot handle a situation alone simply contact myself or any of the forum mods and from there it should be sorted out. You will also check over the complaints/support/DonationSupport answering questions.

All staff will get a position via in-game and on the forums. But like I said, the "giving" ranks will no longer be happening. If you want to go up the ladder, you gotta earn it. And thats going to take TIME and EFFORT ~ No shortcuts!
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Headache,nausea,irratation to bright lights....Mustve had a good time :) :: Comments

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Headache,nausea,irratation to bright lights....Mustve had a good time :)

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