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Its been a week and as I can see we each had to fall back into our daily routines. While this is fine I am asking that all admins/mods return this Thursday

November 10th

For the 1.9 Release. I plan on working to the bone until the 13th to which we will finally open up our server and go live with fully functional support and a nice team of admin's monitoring the server for lagg reports, bug/glitches, instability, and lastly errors. I took a pause because I wanted fresh minds ready to get moving and working. I am aware of most to all current issues,

DarkFollower/LightFollower names appear twice

Quest chains need to be put into place

A global bank needs to be set up

We need to utilize a mob spawner

Itemscanner / Rebuild gets reset each time server restarts

Admin's need to have reconfigured permissions

Admin's should be able to toggle between Creative/Gamemodes

Classes need to be thoroughly checked and tested.(I Finally got most to all classes in but I need each classes to be tested, and a report on the skill status's)

A price sheet needs to be created
(We need a basic price calender to go off of when putting the prices on items, that way we can simply check the price sheet instead of going from town to town. This sheet will not determine exact price but it will be what we go off of~~~~~~~ This will stop the payout issue mcinstant had. Where some things sold gained people money just by buying and selling)

A finalized draft of the story needs to be posted

Brandon needs to stop making square towns(hehe jk, no really stop that >:[)

Two specifically made grief revert stones need to be set up:
Public mine
Area blocker

Precious stones need be set:
(I will give a list to whomever would like to take out this endeavor)

Achievements need to be checked and tested(Again, noticed a few issues myself still, tell me whats up if you find it)

New website needs to be constructed (This is something specific to myself, I found a better website engine~ I own this domain name so I can put it on whatever website I choose.)

LWC auto needs to be turned off

NoCheat needs a few more tweaks

Our Youtube needs to be set up (Graven I will need to speak to you on this)

AutoCraft(Flying ships) Needs configuration

Towny still needs to be tested

Permission via destination needs to be designed

Half of this list you guys don't need to worry about but it is a checklist you can go through and make sure is working. This is pretty much all we need to start this thing with. If you are worried that we will not get a lot of players on the opening day. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Getting players is ridiculously easy, its keeping them that's the hard part ^^.

That is why I am doing this and preparing for launch instead of just outright saying "Here ya go....." We've got something historic sitting in our hands right now, lets have this thing go off with a bang shall we?

The Meeting will be on Thursday


7pm East.
6pm Central.
5pm West.

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