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 Demonic_cat mod application

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PostSubject: Demonic_cat mod application    Mon Nov 28, 2011 10:20 pm

Your In-game name:Demonic_cat
Your real life first name:Chris
Experience as Moderator on any other forums:I was a moderator on a total number of 15 other servers ranging from a building server to a hardcore pvp server.I try to help mostly every server i go on to see it in the making of going for glory
How long have you specialized in forum moderation:Since the start of alpha minecraft which has been um about a year i guess.
How many forums do you moderator reguarly:I moderate none at the time being since most of the servers i played on and helped went down.
Why you think you'd suit the moderator position:Well i would like to help see this server thrive since it seems like a great server and is going to flourish
Any Other Information:Mostly all other servers i have played on have went down because of admin abuse which this server has none of so i believe i can help the server in different ways to make it become a better server than it already is.
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Demonic_cat mod application
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