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 Scary, long, But at the end of the tunnel~ Candy!

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PostScary, long, But at the end of the tunnel~ Candy!

Oh the Joy of sleepless nights.

Today marks the true reason as to why the server was pushed back. It was in fear of today~

No no, I speak not about the wanna-be griefer that attempted to take away our towns. This is in regards to....lagg Mad. Last night I noticed the server overclocking itself to simple carry the weight of 3 people, well that's a big no-no. Compared to the 2% start-up without plugins...Our server was starting up with an access of 80% and up. What could possibly be causing this?!

With no errors presenting themselves on a night like this, I had to manually add and remove plugins until I found the source of this disruption, and to no avail.

This is where it gets tough. I have to get the cpu down to >20% if I want to hold more then 90 people/no lagg. This only means bad things in my current situation, but fear not I will work until we can deliver.

New website comming soon~

New Update layout/Simple donation area being added (its a true blue donation guys help the cause but don't expect much at the moment, we will be reward those selfless people in the future!!!)

A Real Release will be up either sometime tomorrow or the day after.
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Scary, long, But at the end of the tunnel~ Candy! :: Comments

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Scary, long, But at the end of the tunnel~ Candy!

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